On the first of February 1988, a boy of almost twenty, with big dreams, visionary ideas and not a penny in his pocket decided to become a business-man and created ITALGEST.

He had conceived an innovative business model, developing original cutting-edge information with databases and advanced communication systems, an analytical human automated search engine. This was Internet before internet, a 10 year jump into the future. Most people looked at him as if he came from another planet.

That boy was me.

Since then ITALGEST has grown into an International Real Estate Group, making history in the French Riviera real estate market for the last 30 years ; with the sale of over 15,000 apartments.
Today, in 2018, I am still the same almost 20 year old boy ; with an added 30 years of great life experience. I am ready for a new professional journey, starting a new cycle for the next 30 years with my lifelong friends, my lifetime skilled travel companions, my ITALGEST family.

ITALGEST GROUP: To innovate, anticipate tendancies, overcome new challenges, and grow even further.

Always with our core spririt : determination and positivity, creative intelligence with a smile, vision of the future and tradition. As well as a good sense of humour. Sharing our knowledge and services with ease and joyful French Riviera Mediterranean sea and sun mood.




ITALGEST GROUP INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE was launched on February the 1st, 1988 by PAOLO IACOVITTI, to this day President of the Group.

Guided by the intuition that was lacking in the real estate market of the Côte d'Azur, a leader with an excellent reputation and organizational skills, able to respond to the demands of an international clientele, ITALGEST decided to create the first network of Multilingual Global Consultants of the Côte d'Azur, specialists in New Real Estate and Investments.

Thanks to a Private Banking methodology, the ITALGEST Consultant accompanies clients with their real estate investments, with competency, method and high standards. It offers a totally personalised service to effect the best choices under each profile: real estate, financial / investment, tax, legal. To own a property, choose a lifestyle, make a dream come true.
With its own subsidiary MAINSTONE CAPITAL, the ITALGEST Group is an important player in the acquisition and valuation of real estate transactions throughout the French Riviera.

MAINSTONE CAPITAL is the preferred key contact of institutions, banks, insurance companies, pension funds and investment funds for the sale, acquisition and project enhancing development of their real estate assets.

With over 30 years of experience and more than 15,000 apartments sold, hundreds of new real estate transactions, thousands of products available for immediate delivery, a diverse and comprehensive choice ranging from studios to prestige villas, customisation of Financing solutions, unique experience and know-how, a wide range of complementary services and a network of GLOBAL MULTILINGUAL CONSULTANTS with outstanding professional skills, ITALGEST GROUP INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE is the leader in the property market of the French Riviera.


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